“Spend Money Like Water” Tote Bags

“Spend Money Like Water” Aesthetic, 100% Cotton Cloth Tote Bags, Lightweight Reusable Canvas Bags, Suitable For Grocery, Book, Shopping, Gift, Ect.

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No closure
Machine Wash
FASHION STYLES: “Spending money like flowing water” interesting graphics and humor, created by the WEGMNOPR designer. This black is the best surprise gift for men or women.
CONVENIENCE:These lovely handbags are very economical and practical. After use, you can easily fold them and put them into your pocket without taking up too much space. They are essential items for going out.
DURABILITY: 14″W x 16″H, made of 100% 5oz natural cotton, With two reinforced handles sized 1″W x 25″L, convenient to carry in hand or wear on your shoulder, The bag is made of dense lines. All seams are reinforced and sewn to ensure sturdy enough for all kinds of daily use.
ECOFRIENDLY: Our reusable bags are made of natural cotton fiber, so they are Green & non-toxic. Dirt-resistant, durable, machine washable. These canvas bags help reduce the amount of disposable plastic and protect our planet more effectively.
MULTI-PURPOSE: These canvas bags are perfect for stroll down the street, classroom projects. You can bring some things and keep them fashionable, This bags are also suitable for grocery bags, shopping bags, gift bags, laptop bags, book bags, etc.





“Spend Money Like Water” Tote Bags 有 3 个评价

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